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FFXIV Power Leveling 1 to 60 fast and easy guide FAQ
Depending how much you play, you can level to 60 in 3 weeks, less than 2 weeks, or faster. 

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you don't need side quests (with exception of guildleve quest to unlock guildhests unlocked from guildhest quest)

if you have the headgear item that gives bonus exp up to lv. 10, that helps. also make sure to eat food and join a FC with EXP status.

level up to 7, go to western thanalan, do fates there. (if not, just level in Limsa areas until you have airship to go to other regions) 
at level 10 unlock leves and guildhests. 
at level 16 around there, queue dungeon while doing fates. 
around level 20, after getting grand company from story, you can get seals from either fates, and/or do the Hunting Log with the grand company symbol, to get more seals to get the chocobo issuance license from the GC headquarters, so you can travel faster. 

also at level 30, be sure to unlock Job, which has class requirements, you can level the other class fast using 1 to 15 guide. 

you can level fast just using 
main quests, 
dungeons (highest you can do)
class quests 
and daily roulettes. 

you don't even need hunting log, you would just waste a lot of minutes trying to find the hunts first time. hunting log for the grand company log, is only useful to unlock chocobo license faster. 

here's an easy leveling fates guide

1-6 starting area

7-12 western thanalan

13 to 20 western la noscea

20 to 30 south shroud

30 to 37 costa del sol/ wineport/ east la noscea

37 to 50 Central Coerthas (or North Thanalan, but that zone has less fates and less people)

50 to 53 Western Coerthas (be sure to unlock Dusk Vigil, it's a side quest at a camp)

53 to 55 dravania (tailfeather, Sohm Al zone)

55 to 57 churning mists (moghome, zenith)

57 to 60 hinterlands (Idyllshire)

don't use fate parties and don't use partner chocobo (can't duty finder with companion up) , unless you have no time to commit to dungeons. Duty finder highest dungeon you can do while doing fates your level. 

do the latest Class quest you can do. beat all the Guildhests you can do (they go up to lv. 40), 

all that combined with MSQ experience, along with food and Free Company EXP, you can level faster

also be sure to unlock the side dungeons, most are unlocked from a Vesper bay NPC near horizon.
and cutter's cry is unlocked from a npc at Ul'dah market.

this is effective for dps, tanks and healers. even when waiting for duty finder dungeon, the exp you get from fates really keeps progression growing. most fates can be soloed. but even those that are tough bosses, you can still get some exp credit from them after the timer is out. 

but prioritize confirming duty finder dungeons when the window comes up. sometimes you can complete a fate before the duty finder timer goes out, but better to make sure you get to that dungeon because dungeons have a lot more exp.

the fates guide is also useful for those leveling other classes. after around lv50 there is an extra passive exp bonus, so leveling becomes faster.

especially between lv. 50 and expansion quests, there are story quests that give better gear, so you will have iLevel to do the later stuff to access expansion zones. 

also Azys Lla has a shop that sells lv. 60 gear, in case you don't have iLevel to do the first lv.60 story dungeon/trial.


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