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Final Fantasy XIV Now Removes 14-Day Time Limit for Free Trial

Final Fantasy XIV is trying to get more new players by altering its free trial policy. Previously the free trial account expires 14 days after the licensed software is downloaded. Now the time limit is removed, meaning that you can play the game for free whenever you want and as much as you want but you can only progress to level 35 (current level cap is 60). Still it's a good news for people never tried this game or whose free trial account has expired.

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Players can upgrade the game from free version to full version anytime and their character data won't be deleted, which is more friendly to new players compared previous policy (players have to upgrade the game to full version in 90 days after the free trial expires otherwise their character data will be erased). To prevent the game from being exploited by bots and spammers, the game doesn't allow free players to use trading channels, send mail, create groups, or create guilds. 

Final Fantasy XIV is subscription-based MMORPG like World of Warcraft, and it's not interested in ditching the subscription fee.

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