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Final Fantasy XIV Upcoming Expansion Content And Details Changes

FFXIV gamers have been expecting more new patch update revealed, current new patch 3.55a was unveiled, players around the world are logging into Final Fantasy XIV to check out this large-scale update, including the main scenario quest line and two new dungeons, along with an epic new raid within Alexander, a fierce new primal threat that promises to delight old-school Final Fantasy fans, new beast tribe quests, and so much more. How to choose the best gil supplier? there is no doubt that is the best FFXIV Power leveling and FFXIV Gil seller.


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Final Fantasy XIV was added an incredible amount of new content , according to Yoshida point out that none of the FFXIV team members are devoted to work solely on this new expansion. While developing Heavensward, the team has also been working to implement new content into the existing FFXIV experience — including the fan-favorite Gold Saucer and Triple Triad, a fully featured deck-building card game that hearkens back to Final Fantasy VIII and is playable across Eorzea with NPCs and other players alike.


Yoshida has taken a particularly close look at large-scale PvP in other MMOs, like World of Warcraft’s Horde vs. Alliance scenario and Dark Age of Camelot’s Realm vs. Realm. He specifically wanted to avoid situations in which one group would have a distinct advantage over another, hence FFXIV’s Frontlines mode that sees three Grand Companies competing against one another.


Final Fantasy XIV undergone a series of changed and improvement, and along with more new content and incredible elements, are you expecting a super fabulous gaming experience? there is best Final Fantasy XIV Gil supplier, click here.


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