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How to power leveling fast in Elder Scroll Online

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to get a fully optimized and proven effective leveling build if you want to level up in Elder Scrolls Online  quickly and/or efficiently! There are many ways to earn XP in Elder Scrolls Online. Here is a basic guide for PC, Xbox One & PS4 that will help you level up  fast… 

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The Elder Scrolls Online leveling system is specifically designed to encourage players to follow the story line and complete the quests. You will be rewarded with lots of experience points and faster leveling by doing the main quests in the game. Killing enemies is a great way to earn EXP which will help you level more quickly. Check every crate, barrel and bookshelf you can find and loot everything you see. These are the best ways to gain experience and advance your character. After the first 10-15 levels you will notice it become much more difficult and time consuming to level up. If you’re just doing some random quests and not completely exploring zones, you’re missing a lot of the game. Without a solid leveling plan and build, you will spend lots of wasted time with slow results towards Veteran Ranks! Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide – Here are a few great proven methods for fun, fast leveling:


Non-Veteran leveling 1 to 50:

Questing – Questing is a good way to level if you want to go slower and enjoy the game and all it’s content. If you’re the kind of player who doesn’t need to get to end-game (Veteran Ranks) as quickly as possible, then do all the quests you can find. Generally, regular questing will take about 100-200 hours of  playtime.

Multi-pronged – If, on the other hand, you want to power level and reach VR as faster, here are the basic tips and tricks that will get you there rather quickly. Once you enter a zone you’ll want to equip yourself completely with gear with the exploration trait. You’ll want to run thru the entire zone to unlock the  wayshrines, dolmens, towns, world bosses and so on. Do not pick up all the random quests… the only quests you’ll want to do is Fighter’s & Mage’s guilds, your faction quest and Varen’s main story quests. Defeat all World Bosses and Dolmens you come into contact with – this will earn extra XP as you go. Sinceyour goal is to get done what is needed in each zone as fast as possible, get to one level below the max for that zone and go to the next zone. Try to stay a level below your quests as well since that is where you’ll receive the maximum XP for completing them. Generally, this method will take about 80-100 hours.

Grinding & Grinding Spots – Now, if that isn’t fast enough for you and you just want to reach Veteran Ranks AND you don’t care for questing, you’ll need to grind. Each zone has several very specific locations that are perfect for grinding and earning high XP fast. You can also grab a friend and get into a public 
dungeon (be sure the dungeon level matches your current level.) If you’re level 36 don’t go into a level 28 dungeon! It is not recommended that you repair your gear if you’re strictly grinding to reach VR – don’t waste your gold. Once you reach level 50 you’ll have a tremendous amount of gold if you don’t use it for 
repairs! Grinding is very boring and will take about 50-75 hours of play time.The fastest way – Do the right quests and have fun while leveling fast! How I was able to level AND enjoy the game was by using ESO Mastery Leveling Guide. You will level faster than grinding while doing all the right quests. The questing paths they have laid out are right on point allowing you to have fun, experience the game and level up very quickly. I leveled one of my alts to level 50 in about 35 hours using this guide. If you want to level up fast and not miss all the fun aspects of Elder Scrolls Online, this is the best option. This method will take about 35-50 hours of play time.


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