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Most players will have no trouble leveling up in Guild Wars 2 since you can gain experience points by playing the game however you want. For those that want to level up even faster, we’ve created this power-leveling guide which contains tips to help you level up quickly and efficiently.


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Experience Scrolls

Experience Scrolls are a type of consumable that increase a character’s level to 20 or 30 as long as the character is currently below those respective levels. These scrolls are the largest XP boosters in the game and are accordingly rare.

  • Level 20 Experience Scrolls
    • Obtained from Massive Achievement Chests and 1st/2nd year Birthday Gifts
  • Level 30 Experience Scrolls
    • Obtained from 3rd year Birthday Gifts

Tomes of Knowledge/Writs of Experience

Tomes of Knowledge provide an immediate level-up when consumed. Writs of Experience provide 5% of the needed experience to reach your next level. You can trade 20 Writs of Experience for a single Tome of Knowledge at a Mystic Forge vendor.

  • Acquisition
    • PvP Reward Tracks
    • Log-in Rewards
    • Tri-Key Chest
    • Black Lion Chests
    • Guild Vendor

Experience Boosters

There are several boosters in Guild Wars 2 that increase XP gain. Experience boosters can be purchased from Laurel Vendors for one laurel.

  • Experience Booster
    • +50% XP in all game types
    • Up to 100% bonus XP from kill streaks
  • Heroic Booster
    • Same as Experience Booster +50% Crafting XP gain.
  • Birthday Booster
    • +100% XP from kills
  • Celebration Booster
    • Same as Birthday Booster


There are many foods and utilities that provide an XP boost. Here are some of the most effective ones:

  • Bowl of Candy Corn Custard
    • +15% XP from kills
  • Simple Sharpening Stone
    • +10% XP from kills
  • Lunar New Year Firework


Crafting is a great way to level up your character. You can level up 7 times by going from 0-400 in a particular crafting discipline. Make sure to consume a crafting booster for the extra XP. Going from 400-500 in the applicable crafting disciplines will reward you with an additional 3 levels, but at a much higher cost. Chef and Jeweler are two of the cheapest crafting disciplines if you’re trying to level your character on a budget. provides excellent crafting guides for 0-400.

Edge Of The Mists (WvW)

Edge of The Mists is a WvW map that provides an excellent opportunity to earn XP. Simply locate a commander and follow them around the map to begin racking up the XP.

Other Ways To Gain Experience

Just about every activity in Guild Wars 2 provides XP, so you’ll level up by simply playing the game any way you want. Here are some of the other ways to gain XP:

  • Map Completion
  • World Boss Train
  • Personal Story Missions
  • Resource Node Gathering
  • Daily Achievements
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